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Fallen Angels
The Fallen Angel
Fallen Angels
Labelled as demons
Thought of as sinners
Disregarded as humans
Even though they still are…
Fallen Angels
Why are they treated so different?
Why do you judge them to be evil?
They hurt just like everyone else
But they hurt more than others…
Fallen Angels
Cast out by God
Only understood by 'pure evil'
They still hold their light
But no-one believes it…
Fallen Angels
Why are they treated so different?
Why do you judge them to be evil?
They hurt just like everyone else
But they hurt more than others..
Fallen Angels
Lovers not Sinners
Understanding not hating
Caring not disregarding
They are the most pure and good as can be
But why does God judge them as 'evil'…
Fallen Angels
Don't seek revenge but love
Don't seek hate but acceptance
Don't seek to despair but for happiness
They want the same as humans as they are humans…   
Fallen Angels are humans who are in pain and suffering. They wish to live normal lives but cannot
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I awoke to hear a loud click and a bright light shone bright in my face and lit up the darkness of my room. I squinted and pulled the covers over my head. Preferring to be embraced by the darkness, rather than being blinded by this light. After I had adjusted to the light I slowly got up, but stopped half way and sighed, I hadn't done my homework. Why was that online comic so addictive? I looked around my room, even though I've lived in this room for more than 2 years and know it completely, almost backwards.
Above me was that spiky ceiling I hated, I've still got still got a dent on my head due to that ceiling. Looking around was all my stuff, from million of posters on my walls and rolled up to all the things I got from manga conventions.
I looked outside after pulling up my binds, as usual the weather looked cold and foggy. Typical English weather! I rolled my eyes sitting up I could hear cars outside rushing to get to work, also the clocks in my room where particularly loud this mo
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Mature content
Special Surprise? :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 0 0
SasuNaru: Surprises
Warning SasuNaru is Yaoi (boy x boy)
To the story:
Like usual Naruto Uzimaki was sitting alone in Ichiraku's, again for the third night running because he just could'nt sleep. He sat in almost complete silence eating his ramen slowly.
The reason Naruto had been like this was because something had been bothering him recently. He had realised this a few weeks ago in training.
The thing that had been bothering him was that he had developed feelings for and fallen in love with a raven haired Uchiha by the name of Sasuke.
Only thing that bothered him about confessing his love, was that this Uchiha had an army of over the top fangirls, liable to tear him apart for it. Naruto shuddered at that thought, he did not like that idea in the least. He was so upset that he barley finished one bowl of ramen before paying and leaving.
The shop owner and his daughter looked at each other and sighed, it was obvious to them that something was wron
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SoulEater Twist Story 3
"Soul...?" "Are you... crying..?" asked Maka
Black Star was Soul best friend; he had known him all his life. But Black Star was way more to Soul than that.
Soul wanted Blackstar, he longed for him.
Soul would get nervous around him.
He loved him more than anything.
"Soul... Are you... ok" asked Maka, worried about her weapon.
"...I ... I... don't want... Blackstar to... die..." said Soul between tears.
Soul's heart felt as if it would explode from sadness.
"I've...never seen Soul like this before, I hope our backup gets here soon over wise I don't know what Soul will do" Thought Maka biting her lip.
At moment backup arrived.
"Stein Sensei!" said Maka.
"Stein... Im... begging you please save... Blackstar" said a heart broken Soul.
"Don't worry I've already had my share of black blood, so I've got an antidote but it's a 60% chance it will work" said Stein
"Please... just do whatever you can..." said Soul.
The pained look that appeared on Black star's face made a final tear roll down Soul
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SoulEater Twist Story 2
Nice to see you Maka chan, how's things", "No time for greetings, Free's injected Blackstar and Tsubaki with the black blood and its taking hold of them more every second, we've cornered them into a little hideout, what should we do now?" asked Maka panicking.
"Don't worry I've already sent out Stein, and Spirit kun just after you left there should be will you shortly, so please look after them 'till they get to your current location. Also what happened to Free" said Death. "When we retreated, Soul ran off as soon as they left so I didn't see what he did" Maka sighed. "I sent Justin along as well to deal with Free so you will be safe. Talk to you later Maka chan" Death said and faded out.
"Okay now we just have to wait for backup" thought Maka sliding back down the hill towards her weapon.
Inside the hideout Blackstar was staggering around clutching his chest, he feel to the ground and let out an agonizing scream which sent a cold shiver up Soul's spine. "Black star..." a worried Soul
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SoulEater Twist Story part 1
Intro; Blackstar, Tsubaki, Maka and Soul had been given a new mission from Shinigami sama. The misson, to take Free's soul but this time was different. Witch Medusa had predicted that they were coming, so had Free inject Blackstar and Tsubaki with the black blood.
(By this time Arachne had placed the madness amplifiers around the world) With the madness affecting them, they had to retreat when Blackstar and Tsubaki fled into a nearby forest.
Sliding down the muddy slopes of the forest, Soul and Maka were desperately pursuing their team mates. "BLACKSTARRR... please stop... listen to me" Blackstar gave soul no answer "Damn..." Soul muttered to himself.
Suddenly Blackstar slightly tripped up, soul saw his chance and took it and quickly ran in front of his best friend and pushed him down to the floor. The contact to the floor made the highlights in his eyes came back, "Blackstar…" soul whispered breathlessly. " Ngghh...Soul, im sorry...please... help me" Blackstar pleaded between bre
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A normal Day?
Edward Elric was not in the best of moods and as usual he had been called to Colonel Mustangs office.
When Edward entered the Colonels office, Mustang greeted him then offered him a seat resisting a 'short' joke.
"Full Metal, you know you have an over due report, dont you?" Roy said getting straight down to buisness. "Yeah I know" sighed edward.
"Edward, you ok" Roy asked alittle worried about his subordinate.
"Yeah, im fine it's just... ahh nevermind"Ed said quietly, holding back tears.
"...Full Metal are you sure your ok"asked Roy again. A tear rolled down edwards cheek as his head hung low, eyes fixed on the ground.
Roy got up from his desk and walked over to the younger alchemist and cupped his face with his gloved hands.
"edward,please... tell me whats wrong" The flamed alchemist pleaded unlike his usual cocky self. Edward's eyes where now full of tears, " I...I had the chance to get his body back...but... I hesitated because I would of had to sacrifice a couple of people, and I c
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Mature content
Started as a dare- Yoai :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 2 1
Tokio hotel chibi by ForgottenPumpkin Tokio hotel chibi :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 0 0 highschool fighter by ForgottenPumpkin highschool fighter :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 1 0 winged princess by ForgottenPumpkin winged princess :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 1 0 Cant Be Caught... by ForgottenPumpkin Cant Be Caught... :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 1 0 Tokio hotel Obsession by ForgottenPumpkin Tokio hotel Obsession :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 0 2 good or evil by ForgottenPumpkin good or evil :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 0 0 blackstar and soul by ForgottenPumpkin blackstar and soul :iconforgottenpumpkin:ForgottenPumpkin 2 0


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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
My real name is Rose, and i am an art student in England, essex.

I like: Anime and manga, Cosplay, Gaming, being understood for what I am, not suffering and in pain, being loved, and as childish as it sounds, a dreams that turn into reality.

My stories have also been publishes on:

Fanfiction.Net - Yuko Hime
Wet Paint, Yoai Haven - (Will put user name up soon, once i remember it)
  • Listening to: Offspring
  • Reading: OHSHC
  • Watching: Full Metal Alchemist Brother Hood
  • Playing: Guitar Hero
  • Eating: Toast :3
  • Drinking: Monster Energy Drink
hey its Forgotten Pumpkin other wise known as Rose, I am currently working on a story at the moment. Its a Porno of an adapt version of the Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale. But im adding my own twist. Also Im thinking about maybe drawing this up into a short comic but we'll see how it goes.  

Also I'm going to put on some of my resent poems and drawings after christmas coz christmas is normally hetick. And finally put up a load of new, relatively new, drawings i have been putting off uploading


Little Hoodz

Little Red Riding hood is now known as Little Hoodz she is a local pornstar, and she basically flirted her way in to being 'The Big Bad Wolf's' or Ren Moon's  Sex Toy coz she likes it rough.

Forgotten Pumpkin


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